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As lead UX Designer for Clubcard in the Tesco Grocery & Clubcard app, my role was to improve the Clubcard experience for app users. In 2023 we grew our active base to 12 million customers, driving a £55m sales uplift.

I also looked after the customer experience of Tesco's Delivery Saver subscriptions, improving acquisition and retention internationally, and driving £14m in sales.

My leadership role involved mentoring designers and researchers, setting up ways of working processes, facilitating retros and assisting with quarterly planning for multiple squads.

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Project Duration

April 2022 - Current

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Digital Clubcard

The Tesco Clubcard & Grocery app is now used by 12 million customers. My role was to increase the loyalty experience by improving journeys related to Clubcard points, coupons, vouchers and reward partners. 

Our work on vouchers equated to £22m in revenue vs £2.7m last year. Reward Partner projects drove engagement to 360m visits (vs 94m last year) and increased revenue 9 fold.

I'm proud to say that it's currently the number one shopping app in iOS app store, and the biggest digital touchpoint for Tesco shoppers. 

Delivery Saver

Tesco has a subscription called Delivery Saver. Customers get free delivery and other things for a monthly fee. Turns out nobody's ever heard of Delivery Saver, so I came in to help fix that problem, and to get more people signed up, and less people to leave.

We did bunch of stuff including a free trial, new page designs and better awareness of Delivery Saver. We did well. In 2023 we reached 690k subscribers. Those subscribers gave us £14 million and saved themselves £176 each per year. Not bad in a cost of living crisis.

FAQ Mockup

Customer Support

Tesco website has many FAQs. I ran a tree test to understand the findability of these FAQs and the results led me to run a card sort to reduce, combine and reorder the content to be more effective in helping customers to self serve. 

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