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Three App - Pay As You Go


Following my success with Three's Pay Monthly app, I was asked to provide additional support the the Pay As You Go team. They knew that conversion of data top-ups were low and asked me to run an evaluation and recommendation project. 

Business goal

Increase conversion of data packs


Top-up Review

The first step I took was to map out the entire top-up flow so I could see a clear picture of what was available where and identify all potential pain points.

Rebus Journey Review

Key issues identified from IA review:

  • Overcomplicated pages which are difficult to scan

  • Useful information buried within popups 

  • Unclear messaging of which type of allowance is being used (cash, data or add-on)

  • Unclear messaging of what options are available and which is the best choice for the user 

  • Unclear messaging about expiration date of data packs

  • The success screen was over complex and didn't promote an onward journey

Key issues identified from call centre staff:

I spoke to call centre staff to ​understand the biggest reasons why customers might call with complaints or other issues. Research suggested that users were purchasing cash credit which is a type of top up that get used up very quickly. Three were offering better options called data packs, but customers were not aware they would get better value from these packs. My previous IA review highlighted how confusing the journey was between the options.


I put together a proposal for a number of recommendations, detailing the problem and the opportunity. This proposal was presented to senior stakeholders and was very well received. 

I broke the proposals down into two documents:

New Cash credit Journey

This proposal explains the confusion between the two types of credit.

It makes recommendations on how to use the dashboard in a more dynamic way to personalise the experience of the user and support their decision making throughout the payment journey.

New Data Pack Journey

This proposal explains the difficulty of the purchase journey for data packs.

The recommendation is a new end-to-end journey with simplified steps.

The outcome

The goal of this project was to increase conversion of data packs and reduce spend on cash credit which was too quickly used up and causing customer dissatisfaction. 

Every recommendation I made was implemented and we used the split of cash credit to data packs as our measure of success.


5 days before the launch of my designs the split was 59% data packs and 41% credit.


5 days after the launch of designs the split was 73% data packs and 27 % cash credit,


That's a 14% percent point change in less than a week.


This kind of shift is very unusual and considered a great success. The conversion held over the following months.


percentage point change within 5 days



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