Virgin Red Sign Up Journeys


The aim of this scheme was to bring multiple Virgin companies together under one roof. 

The website and app needed to have seamless user experience to account for a large number of different scenarios. For example, one user might be a customer of Virgin Active, and another user might be a customer of both Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Wines.

We needed to create a sign up experience that allowed all Virgin companies and customers to register in one simple journey. This was a real challenge as customer information was stored by completely independent Virgin companies. 


Part of my role was to collaborate with the Director of Architecture to map out the relationship between the different Virgin Group companies and establish how a potential sign up journey would work to include various Virgin companies and their customers.

We devised 12 flows that we called 'Use Cases'. Each Use Case represented a different user scenario and showed how the customer would jump between the relevant Virgin company databases in order to port all their information seamlessly. 

This was the technical back end flow which was done behind the scenes, as the user would need to believe this was one single journey. A selection of Use Cases is below. 

Virgin Group company integration

Wireframing the front end

After working out the integration of companies, I worked up two different versions to test.


Iteration 1 used module windows, to guide the user through the flow step-by-step. 
Iteration 2 used full page forms to show all form fields at once.  

Iteration 1
Iteration 2

User testing

We recruited 16 participants and carried out moderated user testing through 'think aloud' prototype testing. Our researcher sat with participants for 30 minutes each to investigate their experiences of the sign up journeys. Participants experiences and comments were recorded on video.


I sat in the Observation Deck during the testing watching and listening to the user to understand which areas of the journey were successful, and which needed improvement.

These comments were listed into priority order and as such influenced iterations of the designs.


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