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Virgin Red Reward Club


Contract role developing a new product - Virgin Red.

The goal was to design a website and app to bring Virgin Group companies together into one rewards club. We were tasked to design a loyalty platform to encourage cross-sell into multiple Virgin companies. Working in an Agile environment (scrum).

This project covers partner integration, sign up and redemption journeys, prototyping and user testing.



The Virgin Group has expanded into many sectors including travel, health, media and banking. There are now more than 60 Virgin companies worldwide.

Each company operates independently with no crossover. This meant there was no benefit for a Virgin Media customer to choose Virgin Active as their new gym, for example. 

Virgin wanted to take this opportunity to encourage cross-sell across various companies, by rewarding current customers on a points based system. Points could be accumulated from the Virgin companies you were signed up already, and you could spend them on other Virgin products. 



Virgin Group company integration


The website and app needed a seamless user experience to account for a large number of different scenarios. We needed to create a sign up experience that allowed all Virgin companies and customers to register in one simple journey. 

Partner integration


We needed to develop offer redemption flows for a variety of different partners in a consistent layout whilst allowing users to find particular offers they might be interested in. 

Developing the product

Integrated sign up

Collaboration with Virgin brands to establish a coherent registration experience. 

Redeeming Rewards

Collaboration with multiple partners to a create seamless redemption journeys.

Final Designs

UI designs to demonstrate use of layout, typography, imagery, and colour and shape.

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