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The Three App


Permanent role as Lead Product Designer for Three, working on their core utility app used by 5 million people.

My goal was to address the issues causing customer complaints and improve the overall app experience.

Designing for app requires a precise balance between blending brand guidelines with iOS Guidelines and Material Design Guidelines to support the best practices of user interface design. 


In three months, successful registration went from 19% to 71%. Call centre complaints dropped by 50,000 a month, saving over £110,00 a month, and NPS increased by 14 points. 

Project Duration

April 2020 - March 2021



During the COVID-19 pandemic, Three were forced to close their high street stores. This meant that more customers were using the app than ever before. The increased traffic put a strain on the app and issues began to emerge.

Following an investigation, I addressed a number of areas that required improvement. Working in an agile environment, I focused on many areas including:

  • Registration and Login

  • Ensuring users mobile phone bills were easy to understand 

  • Allowing users the ability to increase their mobile allowance

  • Creation of a design library to be AA accessible

Registration and Login

The first priority during this project was to assess the registration and login journeys.


I conducted an analysis of user feedback surveys, app store reviews, analytics data and interviews with call centre staff.

The issues identified meant that users were getting stuck in a loop of partial registration, or were unable to register at all. 

I implemented a number of changes, from new functionality to layout and design improvements.

In three months, successful registration went from 19% to 71% and call centre complaints dropped by 50,000 a month. 



rise in successful

Understanding your bill

During my evaluation of current issues, I identified the bills tab as an area of the app that I felt needed improvement.

There was a distinct lack of visual hierarchy and the modules presented were not in a logical order.

I designed a new layout, to increase scannability and allow the user to quickly find the most useful elements on the page.

Following testing, the new designs proved to be three times clearer than old design. 


Designs rated 3 times
clearer in testing


Increasing your allowance

It was part of my role to improve the ways in which customers could increase their allowance of data, calls and texts.

I investigated the issues and designed a new flow and applied a clean and scannable layout which dynamically presented information to the user at the appropriate time.

I ensured the all new designs passed AA accessibility standards for contrast and type sizes. 

Following implementation of the new designs Three successfully launched six new products into their catalogue. 


Doubled conversion of
Key Performance Indicators


Creating a Design Library

I created a library of reusable resources to speed up work flow and allow for future iterations to be rolled out globally.

It was the first time this had been attempted in the ten years the app had been running.

The library ensured a faster workflow and allowed for consistent use of colour, type styles and icons for easy editing across all design files.

All elements in the design library were designed to promote the app to WCAG AA accessible status. 


Master library of
reusable assets

Design Library

The final designs

After ensuring a user friendly experience and creating a design system. I then applied this to create a new user interface. 

I made sure to create a fresh look and feel, staying true to Three's core brand. I used layout, typography, colour and selective use of icons and images to develop final, quality user interface designs.  


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