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Vodafone Tablets


This project was to redesign the iPad and tablet landing page.

The analytics team had highlighted to us that this page was underperforming. It was getting plenty of hits, but the drop off rate was high. 

We needed to create a responsive page that was more engaging.

The layout

This page was broken down into several modules. 

Highlighting deals that change often

To highlight the best deals at any given time. Banners can be updated quickly and easily and offer a high level message about each product, with a link to each individual product page.  

Setting expectations

We crafted a short introductory section to let the user know what to expect on the page, and we added quick link to jump to the SIM only page, for those who already owned a device, but wanted to use it for calls. 

Surfacing the best sellers

We added in a module that contained the most popular products that customers bought. That way users didn't have to go hunting for the product they were looking for as we could surface the best sellers.

Brand loyalty

We found that the majority of users are loyal to either Apple or Android devices. People rarely switch platforms and that means that users know which brand they want before they know the products. We used that knowledge to make it easy for users to quickly find what they wanted. 

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