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JP Morgan Chase


My current role as VP, UX Design for Digital Platform and Securities Services sits within the Corporate and Investment Banking area of JP Morgan.


As lead UX designer I run the design side of my team, supporting a large team of 18 PMs and BA's and over 40 developers, and UI designer. 

I worked at a strategic level to integrate my design team, and supported the creation of the 2022 road map. I also provide hands-on support to create new end-to-end journeys and improve existing functionality.

Much of the work I produce is confidential, but I can share my processes and some designs with sensitive information removed. 

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Project Duration

March 2021 - May 2022


Integrating user-centred design

As lead UX designer, my challenge was to embed my design team into the wider project team of 70 people who had never worked with design before. I developed various methods including:

- Teaching Design Thinking and Double Diamond principles.

- Figma & Balsamiq training 

- Creation of regular drop in sessions to give UX/UI advice 

- Evolving Jira processes to integrate design

I also worked to establish processes for:

- Design to Developer handover & QA

- BA/PM to Design collaboration

Heuristic Evaluation

After embedding design resource into the team, my team reviewed the existing platform to develop a baseline understand of its strengths and weaknesses in terms of usability.


The product had grown organically with no design support, which meant that the platform contained many inconsistencies and navigation problems.


My design team conducted an heuristic evaluation to take an holistic view of the product and identify potential pain points.


Turning the issues into opportunities, we created a prioritisation matrix to support the 2022 road map.

Under construction

Engagement Journey Review

During the heuristic evaluation, a number of issues were identified within the engagement journey. After interviewing end users to validate assumptions, we identified this space as having the biggest opportunity for improvement. 

This project looks at the steps involved to identify pain points, and propose solutions to improve the existing journey for three main user groups. Recommendations include a navigation rework and the introduction of a step tracker and a new notification section. 

This section is currently under construction to ensure the confidentiality of sensitive information. 

Dashboard Designs

Along with a UI designer, I worked on the design of multiple complex dashboards and data visualisation interfaces.


Collaborating with stakeholders and end users on everything from from discovery to design workshops to wireframes. We also worked with the Tableau Centre of Excellence to understand possibilities and limitations of the tech. 


This section is currently under construction to ensure the confidentiality of sensitive information. 

Risk Dashboard mockup.jpg

Complex Network Visualisation


Due to regulation changes in the finance industry, I was able to work on a project involving complex network visualisations. 

To ensure proper UX processes were followed, I led my team though various stages and tasks including the creation of persona documents, user interviews, terminology and problem statement workshops, as well as collaborative 'How Might We' workshops, prototyping and stakeholder playback sessions. 

This section is currently under construction to ensure the confidentiality of sensitive information. 

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

In addition to the BAU projects for Corporate and Investment Banking, I take an active part in our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives. are currently developing an initiative to allow transgender people to use their chosen name on their debit card. 


I volunteered to apply my skillset to this initiative, creating new web pages on the customer facing site to inform customers about the initiative and the steps required to get a new ATM card issued. 

Diversity and Inclusion is very important to me. 


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